VR based HALO/LALO military parachute training system

VPTS is the HMD based military training system, providing
an individual HOLA/LALO training and a network-connected group
parachute training in immersive VR environment.

VPTS provides a parachute control training and a parachute procedure training.

A trainee can start the training by their own decision through the self-initiative bail-out function.

SDF Self-initiative Drop Function
Control module to initiate the training by sensing the motion of trainee who starts to jump out of the airplane.

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VPTS provides a highly realistic environment for practical parachute training.

In a virtual environment which is similar to the actual world, trainees can conduct training: parachute procedure, free fall, parachute steering, and landing.

TGR Trainee Gesture Recognition
Module for space mapping and motion sensing of trainee's free-fall gesture

WSR Weight Shift Recognition
Module to recognize the weight shift of trainee

ATS Adaptable Tension of Steering-lines
Module to control the tension of steering lines, based on the canopy physics model

EWG Eight-directional Wind Generator
Wind control module to let trainee experience the winds differently in eight ways.

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VPTS provide repeatable and effective training to achieve the training goal.

Multiple functions of VPTS support to have training subsequently with safety and to evaluate the training result with real-time training information.

ETF Emergency response training function
Emergency training module for the emergency which may happen during the real parachute training

NCT Network Conjoin Training
Network solution to enable real-time concurrent training by connecting trainees who are separated from each other through a network

PTA Parachute Training Assessment
Total solution for analysing parachuting paths, storing video information, building training information DB, conducting a comprehensive analysis, creating reports and supporting after-action review session.