VR based next-generation military tactical behavior training system

TAD provides the HMD based immersive FPV virtual environment
for the tactical training.
Trainees can conduct squad-based tactical behavior
training and combat shooting training.

MARS was jointly developed with the Korea Military Academy.
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TTAD provides the highly immersive HMD based virtual environment for tactical shooting training.

TAD system synchronizes the actual motion of trainee and the motion of virtual avatar in real-time and enables the realistic tactical behavior training.

VAS Virtual Avatar Synchronization
Technology of measuring the specific body sizes of trainees and matching the ones of virtual avatars with what is measured.

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TAD provides the tactical behavior training modes in various environments.

Trainees can move freely in the operation area and conduct the tactical behavior training realistically.

TSP Tactical Scenario Package
A basic package of multiple training contents by purpose (Reconnaissancem Searching, Penetrating, combating, and, etc.): Customization, development, and upgrade are affordable.

AMR Active Motion Recognition
Technology to let trainee move freely by controlling the virtual avatar, synchronized with the trainees.

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TAD provides the training environment to conduct effective training repeatedly until trainees achieve the goals.

Trainees can have training in safety until reaching the targeted level of readiness for the operation.

FMF Free Motion Frame
Frame module to secure the safety of trainee, and to allow the various tactical motions in HMD

PIM Platform In Motion
Motion frame module to let trainees experience the slope of the path during their free locomotion in VR space.

NCT Network Conjoin Training
Concurrent training function for the remotely connected trainees via network

TTA Tactical Training Assessment
Total solution for analyzing task achievement and moving path, storing video information, building training information DB, conducting a comprehensive analysis, creating reports and supporting after-action review session.