VR based next-generation military shooting training system

MARS provides the precision shooting training environment where
the actual space is synchronized with the virtual space.
MARS enables network-based interactive collective training and practical combat
shooting training.

MARS was jointly developed with the Korea Military Academy.
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MARS provides the precision shooting training in VR based training environment.

Highly realistic shooting training, which the real-time position tracking technology and precise ballistic trajectory algorithm are applied, is conducted in MARS.

XRT eXperience Reality Technology
VR technology providing a highly immersive training environment synchronizing the actual space and the virtual space.

PBA Precise Ballistic trajectory Algorithm
Algorithm to realize the practical and precise shooing model, based on the precise ballistic trajectory in real-time

OAS Omnidirectionally Aiming System
Aiming Technology to avoid a spatial distortion may be displayed by the location of aiming the fires.

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MARS provides various shooting training environments.

Multiple shooting training contents support the training to be conducted effectively.

SSP Shooting Scenario Package
A basic package of multiple training contents by purpose (BRM, ARM, CQB and, etc.): Customization, development, and, upgrades are affordable.

OSS Objects and Space Synchronization
Training environment management function to synchronize the actual location in MARS and the virtual space.

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MARS provides the network connected shooting training

Network-based training solutions of MARS support trainees to have more effective shooting training in advanced ways.

NCT Network Conjoin Training
Concurrent training function for the remotely connected trainees via a network

ICT Interactive Combat Training
Interactive combat and hit recognition function via a network

C3M Command, Control and communication Module
Function to command trainees, to control the training and to monitor training situation in real-time

STA Shooting Training Assessment
Comprehensive training evaluation function, based on real-time training data collection for each trainee.